I just turned my amp on, plugged my guitar in. I've got no sound coming out now, absolutely nothing. Is thisa common problem with amps? Please help!

check the cable
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The most likely cause is a fuse if the amp is not lighting up (power light on.) Fuse should be located on the top of the back panel in a small hole covered by a piece of plastic, probably round. Look inside the glass of the fuse and see if the element (tiny wire) is burned in two. If that's it make sure you get the right kind, take the old one with you (don't lose it) to a music store or Radio Shack might have them. They are cheap so buy a whole package. If its not the fuse repost for advice.
It's a tube amp, the standby switch is set to on, and it's all plugged in. I've tried it with different leads, but no result.

[EDIT] No, it's not the fuse sadly, it's lighting up as normal, just nothing's coming out.
Nope, I was playing it fine at around 3 this morning, then I tried it about 10 mins ago, and it just wasn't working.
Try all of the obvious things, first check the outlet, make sure its plugged in. Plug something else in to the outlet and see if its getting power too. Maybe a breaker flipped... Then turn it on, make sure all of the lights come on and the tubes are all glowing. Check the EQ, the master volume may have been turned down. Also, check your pedals, if you are plugged into any pedals, check the power in them, because a dead non-true bypass pedal will kill your signal. Plug the guitar straight into the amp with all your cables to see if one of them is broken. After that, if you still dont have sound, you may have to call an amp tech and take it in. Good luck man.
Well, the tubes don't seem to be glowing anymore, so I'm going to try replacing some of them, to see if that works, thanks guys.

[EDIT] No luck on the preamp tubes, and I don't have any spare power amp tubes. Were I to replace them with the same kind, would I need to get it re-biased?
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Bias depends on the amp. Some don't need it. Check the manual or contact Randall (maybe the web site has a manual download.) If the tubes aren't glowing I'm still suspicious of the fuse. Sometimes they look ok but are burned where its hard to see. You might want to replace the fuse to be on the safe side. Might save you some grief.
If the fuse was blown thought, wouldn't the power lights and all the lights on the front not work as well? They all are sadly, that would be a nice easy thing.
Yeah they probably wouldn't. Just wishful thinking. Check Randall and see if there is an internal fuse or breaker if you get on thier site. Good luck man.