hey there,i want to go to the university in osnabrück and i have to play 3 songs,that are difficult,have place fpr improvisation and are in different styles.what would you suggest me?
i mean its hard to find the right song...its a nice song,you recommended,but im going to study electric guitar(populramusic)
The Road Less Traveled by Mattias Eklundh. Master piece.

Blue or anything by Yngwie Malmsteen. Even though many of Yngwies pieces remind of each other, they are nice. You would get tired trying more than one song by Yngwie I think :p

and then maybe Glasgow Kiss by John Petrucci.

if there has to be singing on..Well maybe some Children of Bodom, Freak Kitchen (Nobody's Laughing or something like that), and Sea of Lies by Symphony X.
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hm,but i think the songs are all out of high speed rock.its better when there are more changes,maybe some country or something.