just wondering if any of you accoustic lovers own a garrison g20 cutaway?? my local guitar dealer has just had some delivered for christmas and after 10 mins on the guitar it seems fantastic. the price tag however is £550. does anyone have any other recommendations of accoustics in this price range or am i getting good value for money with the garrison. any help would be great
I own a Garrison. It's a budge Garrison - the AG-400 (the old style, when they had the carbon fiber bracing for the entire body instead of just portions like they do with most models now). Anyway, it's a fantastic guitar, especially for one made in China. Absolutely gorgeous tone. The action left a bit to be desired upon purchase, but with a little sanding, truss rod adjustment, and elbow grease it's become my alternate tuning guitar. It was an amazing deal, especially given that it cost me around $300USD.

The guitar shop I used to work for had a g20 cutaway in the store, although it had a hefty price tag (around $1100, so the same price as yours, essentially). It was easily my favorite acoustic guitar in the store to play, and I'd have bought it if I had the money. I'm sure that if you purchase it you won't be disappointed at all.

Sad story, the company was recently purchased by Gibson. I don't like how the behemoths of certain markets boss around little guys, and it seems the guitar world is no exception...

Garrisons are made in Canada, not china. Also, the build quality is excellent!
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