So I was playing my Strat through my Randall RG75G2 Last night, as I normally do except this time something went wrong... I heard a bit of crackling, so I turned off the amp, but the crackling went on, I then unplugged my cable from my amp, and then my guitar, and layed the cable on my foot, but the crackling went on... I took the cable off my foot, held it by the rubber part, and the crackling went away. So I think there is a problem with my amp and my cable because my amp still SOMEHOW picked up my cable when it wasn't in the amp... So it seemed anyways, I ended up unplugging my amp...

In short, do you think I could have shorted something? I'm about to open it up abit, make sure all the wires are soulderd nicely, and try a new cable...
it myt be the plug. my amp (although substantially ****ter) does it on occation, js change ur plug socket
First things first.....try a new cable.

If you can be sure it isn't the cable, presume it's the input jack and go from there.
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