various saws, especially a band saw. A router would help, but its not needed necissarily if u use a core and take out the holes and put a back and top on the core. Various sandpaper, from an 80 to about a 440 or 500 grain. If u wanna build a neck, then u would need a spokeshave and/or a sureform. a drill press would help for neck bolt holes and peghead holes for tuners.not too much really, but it takes alot of time and patience. U would also need some wire, a soldering iron, some solder, and some electrical parts.
a hand saw, very fine fret saw, 1" chisel, Pencil, tri square, drill, yardstick (or meter stick) that measures to the 64th of an inch, and a brass or poly hammer. Depending on the method of building you follow you may also nees some string, a rasp, some sandpaper, cabinate scrapers, and a bench plane.

I wouldn't recomend trying to build from scratch without radius blocks, a band saw, and a router, but it can be done.
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