How to you get the knoledge of creating ur very own guitar sound. Ino it depends on playing the guitar, but how do u make a tottaly different sound thts never been heared before. Whats the trick??

Could any1 explain how some of the effects work together to get sounds like acdc, led zep, randy rhoads and white stripes. I have a basic amp with a gain, volume,trembol,bass, tempo speed, reverb and boost.

What sound does a reverb make?? I can never get the sound.
reverb is like an echo effect.
and theres hundreds of different stompboxes that can shape your tone out.
you just gotta change settings untill you like what you hear.
AC/DC-trebly crunchy OD. not too many effects ever.
Zep-Full smooth distortion with some mids added. He used a wah alot and probably some other stuff like it.
Rhodes-Not too sure about him, check the Ultimate Settings thread
White Stripes-Jack is a full-on Vintage Amp and guitar lover. He uses a few effects, like a Digitech Whammy and an EHX Polyphonic Octaver. Mostly just use a crunchy distortion like AC/DC maybe but with more bass.

Check the Ultimate Settings thread. My descriptions are very general.
if you want to look at someone who used effects like a beast look at hendrix. he used a Dallas arbiter fuzz face, a vox wah, roger mayer octavia, a uni vox univibe, and even sometimes used a delay