It's not quite as good as ramming your penis into someone to be honest. But if it's like long distance then it's alright.
You can have sex... with someone's voice... through the phone?

What's your moms phone number?
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It's not rocket surgery.
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That was so hot my penis exploded.
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I **ing hate Opeth. They make every other band I know look bad.

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some cockwanks just wan to throw 5 stars at her because she has a vag
Phone sex is like having a cylindrical object inserted in your ear for 30 minutes.
Meh, depends on who you are, I guess.
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Have you had it? Do you enjoy it? I did last night with my girlfriend, we had fun. Don't knock till you try it is all I can say!

What do you guys think?

Careful you don't get her "phone pregnant"...
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Damn you, bodyheatseeker

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bodyheatseeker, I will NEVER forgive you.

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idk it seems really awkward. but i do it from time to time lol.
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...erm lets see...what did i do... you know the holes in the side of shoe boxes? i put my flaccid dick in one, then started to get a hardon, and the box got stuck on my dick, i had to tear it off (the box, not my penis.)
i like 2 stick my phone up my arse, only problem is that corn chunks get stuck in the buttons!!!!!