christmas and stuff is getting closer each day, and i'm wondering what i should be saving up for now. you know, people ask you 'what do you want for christmas' and then i usually respond with money. but it's always interesting when you can say 'money for a new amp' or something as they'll always give some more then .
so what do you think i should be saving up for (i have a pretty good fender strat and a Hot Rod deluxe )
- a gibson les paul standard faded
- a gibson ES335 satin
- a new amp (a marshall, an orange, or a mesa lone star special).

? i'd play blues, classic rock, simply everything exept for metal and stuff.

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Es335's (Despite the fact i dont own one) are lovely instruments, they suit your style, the ultimate workhorse / versatile guitar!

Your amp is already great
If you are satisfied with the sound the HRD is pleny giggable. Go for the 335.
If you like the amp and what it can do for you, an ES-335. I love hollow bodies, they really add something new to your sound.