Hey there, Iv been playing for almost a year now, im kind of musically inclined so I pick up on things kind of fast. I have a Fender accoustic at home, I dont know any more than that about it it was given to me.

Anywho Im having a problem with sliding. And I was wondering if that was because I am playing on an accoustic of if im not doing something right. I cant make the slide last beyond 1 bar. But im still learning so any advice would be helpfull.

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well man i think the best advice when it comes to sliding is to keep practicing it. It is slightly harder on acoustic seeing as the strings are thicker, but generally it will get easier with time and as you get calluses(spelling?) on your fingers. If you are still having trouble, I've heard of some people putting a little bit of lotion on their fingers and that improves, but i havent tried that myself and i dont know how it will affect the strings. anyway i hope i could help.
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assuming you're talking about sliding from one note to another without the use of an actual slide, here's my take. from my experience, sliding on acoustics is not difficult. its just that the resonance on an acoustic isn't really built to hold the sustain like an electric is. also, the slides aren't going to be nearly as prominent as an electric because the amplification isn't there.
Thats actually what I kind of figured. I am hoping to get my first electric soon. Im thinking of going more in the Gibson route with this new one.

But thanks for the advice, i'll keep trying adn hopefully improving.