Well every1 knows about Limewire i suppose, but it isnt the most reliable. A "friend" of mine downloads music which do albums and everything which are in Winzip format. She wouldn't tell me the name of the site and would just give the direct links to download from, they were stuff like from megaupload and rapidshare, its free and i was wondering if any1 else knows about this site and what it is? Message me or reply please, or if theres any alternative website to download from, thanks
Let me introduce you to torrents. Google it up and check out demonoid, The Pirate Bay, ISO hunt, Torrent Spy, etc. You're able to grab entire albums and entire discographies.
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Album Base I think. Although you could just use a program like Soulseek. Limewire is utter ****.
OMG lol how could i forget torrents, i only use them for programs thats why i hadn't thought of that for music i suppose