Can someone help me under stand these??

1. How can i play one?

2. how does it work?

3. is it really useful for playing?

thank you
1. by fretting a note then picking it normally but slightly muting it with the fleshy part of yur thumb

2. no idea, i play guitar not study it.

3. yes, it sounds extremly beefy when you include it in a power chord sequence or when playing a lead.
If you want to know the physics behind pinch harmonics, look up harmonics in strings on any physics site.

It involves making two parts of the string vibrate at frequencies that are both harmonics of the originally fretted note.
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1. ^

2. it works by removing some of the harmonics from the note that your playing...must more definition may be needed but i can't be bothered

3. i love it in riffs! it sounds awesome dude
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yeah u cant over use them or it sounds annoying, but yeah, they do become useful in lead solos and such

done by brushing the string with your thumb directly after picking it

make sure u have high distoriton and treble levels
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