Im doing canon rock with my friends at a school talent show, Im making up a tapping part to match each power chord. I need some help on the B power chord though, since its minor Im kinda confused on what to play. Obviously it should start on a B but how do i make it minor?

So far i have

DM= (high e)---10-5-2-

AM (B string)---10-5-2


I tired to write the one for the B but it just seems out of place. Could you make up a tapping part for it?

ok, a major chord is made up of 1st, 3rd, and 5th notes in a scale. so a G major chord is G, B, and D
a minor chord has a flat 3rd so instead of b, you get b flat. all you have to do is lower the 3rd one fret.

But take note of this there is no 3rd in a power chord, its just 1st and 5th, so it is not major or minor. a 3rd, weather flat or natural, does not fit into a power chord.
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ygokazuki thank you, i thought of that and was just making sure.

the formula youre tapping here is root, 5th, 3rd
12 (b) is root, 7 (f#) is the 5th, and 3 (D) is the minor 3rd