I was looking at getting a distortion pedal fr my settup, Im fairly new to this so I was wondering if its common to get a pedal along with the distortion channel on my amp, its hard to get a good distorted sound unless i turn my amp up pretty high
what kind or amp do you have?

EDIT: distortion pedals are usually used over the clean channell

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Boss DS1 might be worth a look, or a DS2 if you'd like some variation in sounds.

Quick questions: what kind of amp do you have, and what kind of music do you play?
DS1's are pretty standard, but that said, means they're pretty generic. Try the Metal Muff w/ Top Boost for a more scooped sound.
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Boss MT-2 MetalZone

it works for me

Agreed, I run mine through an overdrive channel and its sounds top notch at low volume and high volume but it might be a bit more gain than your looking for so the clean channel works brilliant as well!
my amp is a fender 212 100watt, nuthin fancy but sounds pretty good overall
What kind of music do you like?
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Eh. I don't think a distortion pedal would help too much, but I'd still look into a DS1 or something like that. It's not too expensive, either.