We band "Marvel", from Ukraine, we play alternative-metal,ana won't to shou you our trecks from album "Door in to the sky"!
We want to hear your international opinion!!!

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dude!!!! this is GREAT stuff!!! even though I don't speak the vocals it all sounds really great
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cool. im ukrainian but i live in canada. Do you know anyone with the last name chubey or wasylyshyn.

Please, listen a song "Door in to the sky", I think it owes you will please!!!
wow im ukranian too
damn good 2 though man
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This man has the right idea.

oh yeahhh
Thank's!!! it's very pleasant to hear a good coment's!
but we wont to hear more!!)))
THANK YOU! It is very pleasant to hear! You band is cool!!!
More coment's, please!!
sweet riff on rassvet.. good tonal control from the singer.. give her my comps!
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The rest of the album is brilliant but that one song just really gets right on my tits for some reason
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sweet riff on rassvet.. good tonal control from the singer.. give her my comps!

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Metal-band MARVEL is happy to inform you about the release of their new EP, entitled Black Stone. The EP was recorded at the Max Morton Studio in December 2012. This is the second Marvel's EP and it presents new band style and sound. The picture of the sculpture "Open your heart", by ITO Hirotoshi, was used for the cover of the EP. ITO Hirotoshi is a famous Japanese sculptor, whose exhibitions are held in different countries. The accompanying video was produced by Max Morton Studio and it shows the process of recording of the song Black Stone.

Listen EP here: https://soundcloud.com/marvel_band-1

Watch the video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCGimS07VF
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