Hey, So lately I've really been considering taking the next step and purchasing a 7 String. I'm thinking of getting a custom one made but the thing is I really don't want a locking nut because I have one on my Ibanez and its a pain in the ass. The thing is though, I'm skeptical about whether or not I should do this because I heard that 7 strings go out of tune often.

So basically my question is whether or not I need some sort of locking nut on my 7 string because I really don't want one, or will the problem of it going out of tune not be that bad and will not require me do get a locking nut?

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Well, locking tuners, a graphite nut, and a well constructed guitar should stay in tune VERY well.

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7 string is just one more string man, they don't go out of tune more or less than a 6 string. It all depends on the individual guitar.
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a cheap 7 string will go out of tune just as often as a cheap 6 string. you should be more concerned what you would actually need an extra string for. is it just to get a low B? a 6 string with 13-56 can tune down that low quite easily. otherwise, if you feel you'll actually use the entire range, then a 7 would be a good way to go.