I got my iMac last thursday. And the reason I got it was not only that I needed a new computer, I have some money, and I dont like windows, but I want to record my bands music myself.

You probally saw some threads about me and this a while ago. anyways....

I figured out how i'm gonna record guitars/bass, I have an idea on vocals, but for drums........I can either use 2 dynamic mics, an sm57 and an sm58, or my 1 recording mic to record drums. I dont have a drum recording kit or anything. Which should I do?

And as far as recording goes, before we did it on my digitech 8 track thing. And that came out pretty good quality. But i'm concerned about how we should go about recording it. If we do a basic try and base off that, it will be off rhthymically probally in parts. If my drummer could play through the songs without having to hear me play guitar and/or sing, we'd do that, but he cant. So I was thinking I just lay down the guitar/vocals in a one take thing, no quality checks, just enough for the drummer to know when to do what. Then turn off my scrap tracks. And bam drum recording, in time. Is that a good idea? Or is there a better one?

We wanna start recording beginning to middle November, and record a legit sounding EP to sell. We have 8 songs, and we'll narrow it down to 5.

Oh yeah, the program i'm using is GarageBand, I know....not the best program, but its good enough for now, eventually i'll upgrade to logic express. GarageBand I actually think is damn good for a free program that comes on Macs.

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Well I dont know much about recording
but I do know that two mics for recording drums will be hard to get a good sound out of
but this video I'm about to give you the link for a video that shows an awesome technique for recording drums with two mics and getting a decent sound.


oh and here's a site that has a lot of tips for recording


good luck!
What I have found is to have the band lay down the whole track at the rythm you want. Record that with a couple of mikes (in stereo). Play that track back and record the drummerand add then add rythm, bass, and then lead/vocals from there.