I just got my Squier SE Special Strat and I really like it. The problem seems to lie in either the amp (SP-10) or the pickups. The distortion has some static noise when the volume is up at about 5. Also, it's an SSS and I'm trying to play "Face Down" which used 2 Gibson SGs with 2 humbuckers. Anyways, what amps do you recommend me getting besides the Roland MicroCube (which is already one of my options)? I want to have a small practice amp, and a fairly large amp for gigs and other events.
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about $500-600 for the gig amp.

gig-wise, maybe a small 100-person room. I'm doing a recital on November in our Performing Arts Room. It's not to big, nor is it too small.
id way go for a vox valvetronix ad50vt 212 combo
they cost around 360 i think

and would be even bettor is if you got the valvetronix ad60vtx those sound bettor and offer alot more

more modeling amps and more memmory to save you channells also a sht load of presets
i think there discontinued but you could get a used one on ebay for like 650 tops
they also sound bettor

that would be a bettor choice

what type of music do you plan on playing
well the vox is good for all of those but i would also suggest you play the roland cube60
go to your nearest dealer
buy a ten sack
nah im jk
no go to your nearest dealer and take your guiatar and then try them both and you decide wich one you like bettor
since your new to these amps id suggest you get one of the employes to help you out as the modeling amps wav be a bit cinfucing to figure out
or somthhing else that else that would be great if you dont mind spending money on later
is to buy a peavey valveking for like 450. 50watts of all tube power and kickass sound and then later on buy pedals for a higher gain sound like for metal. it all depends on you really
a boss pedal like a metal zone would go great with the valveking for metal

this would be great if you could spend about 500 to 600 dollars get the valveking and buy a pedal it would totally be worth it trust me

but if you want to save money you couldnt go wrong with a cube or the vox but there is no comparison between the peavey and the other two mentioned the peavey would just sound bettor especially with a metal zone
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a jcm900 combo. the 50 watter

my 100 is too loud makes me sad i cant crank it

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a jcm900 combo. the 50 watter

my 100 is too loud makes me sad i cant crank it

+1, also look into the Laney LC30, Peavey Classic 30 2x12, or a Crate V32