About 2 weeks ago I changed my strings from 8 guage to 10 guage. They were fine until the high E broke so I got some more guage 10 and put them on, they wouldn't tune to E standard so I just played in D standard, Drop C and below for a while.
Today I got some new guage 8 strings again and put them on, now my strings seem to be slipping and they won't tune to standard E.

When I put the guage 10 strings on a while ago they kind of dug into the nut a bit and I think that could be the problem with my guage 8 not tuning properly. The strings keep slipping and I can't tune it to E Standard...

Any ideas on what I should do?
My friend said I would probably need a new nut, is he right?

Thanks a lot.
yeah, if thats what the string damaged, i wouldnt have thought such a small gauge change would have made that much of a difference, but you should adjust the bridge and everything on your guitar when you change string gauges
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slipping strings (unless all the tuners are slipping which i doubt) is caused by your stringing technique.

refresh you stringing memory here...


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wow... i went from 9's to 11's and didn't have that problem
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