I'm supposed to play guitar and sing at this thing for my school for red ribbon week, and the song is supposed to have something to do with being against drugs and alcohol and that kinda stuff. So...I was wondering if any of ya'll know of any songs that relate to that kinda subject.

ps...I wasn't sure under which sub-forum thing to put this under but I figured since I'm looking for a song with lyrics against drugs and alcohol that this would be a good place.
yea dude
straight edge punk rock songs
not school appropiate though...
read the colunm on staright edge movement
Maybe "Hurt" by NIN, or the Johnny Cash version, which is easier. its pretty sad, and is about Trent's heroine addiction.
if you like metal
play master of puppets
its about a coke addiction
"chop your breakfast on a mirror"
thats quite a line
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