I am looking for a good metal guitar amp but i don't have that much moneyt o spend i am looking for a $800-1200 dollar range.I tried out the 6505 at guitar center and loved it but i can't afford it i just need something else almost as good but i can't find anything that meets my standereds.Can somebody tell me of another great metal amp cause i play alot of black metal and i need it.HELP!
just get the 6505 head and a cheaper cabinet then save up for the 6505 cab after that
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you can easily get a used 5150/6505 combo in that price range by a few $100
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Get a used 5150 combo...same exact thing as the 6505 combo...and half the price...
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Peavey Windsor head w/ a good Marshall cab might work. A Peavey Penta head and a cab. Maybe some sort of a Marshall combo, like a DSL 401 combo or something like it.
Yeah used 6505/5150 works as good as the search bar. Then you'd have money for a good cab. I have a crate piece of **** cab. But i dont play shows that much so i dont really need it.

For cabs use the search bar. There are THOUSANDS of "which metal GUITAR/AMP/HEAD/STRING/DISTORTION" every week and your budget is not too bad either.