Metalcore with influences of melodic death metal parts. Evading Downfall has it's melodic death metal moments,featuring a lot of dual guitars,with sudden metalcore breakdowns and even some deathcore breakdowns,mixed with thrash parts,a little bit of nu metal parts and memorable choruses so everything mixed up together gives you the music of this band.


holy **** the first song kicks ass! I am not a huge fan of the singing, but the guitar work is awsome. Great job. Are you the guitar player i assume?
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to me it's missing something, like sound wise, needs to have more clarity in it someway, that's just me but guys why the hell aren't you on a label!!!
you guys are pretty sweet
you're singer has a good growl, maybe needs to use a bit more range though...

the guitar work is very good.
keep it up + hope you find a label and endoresements soon. you deserve it
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Nice production on the guitars and drums, liked the harmonies and the rhythms sections are tight as hell (great drumming too). Vocals are a tad week though, too typical for the DM genre. The guitaring has hints of Death to it from the Human days (that's a good thing). I agree re the range for the singer, to make it in DM you really need to sound different and unique. Good mix throughout, everything sits well vox included. I was expecting some lead though seeing as the guitarists are obviously good players - not enough DM bands play lead anymore!! Good job though.
tnx man, really, at the moment we are waiting responses from some labels,so lets hope it'll turn out well
Good stuff. Great guitar work to both. Flows great.
Hope you get signed soon =)
Good Luck!