hey guys, i need some suggestions for a good guitar ive been playing 1 year(lol im

better than that sounds.) i want a good hardrock/alt rock guitar. something with a

colder tone for cool clean guitar breaks, but that can handle distortion real well. a good

deftones/tool guitar.

i know its all about what i like and what feels best but i was just looking for some

suggestions so i know where to start.
its a marshall mg10cd (little dinky thing but it PUMPS IT OUT) im looking into some marshall stacks.
Get an Epi Les Paul Std., or a Fat Strat.
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simple. get a fender highway one strat. perfect guitar for rock as far as im concerned. all the value of a fender but with an illustrious humbucker at the bridge. only better than an hhs standard cuz of the colors it comes in. daphne blue owns.
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its a marshall mg10cd (little dinky thing but it PUMPS IT OUT) im looking into some marshall stacks.

Get a better amp first, it'll make your current guitar sound 10 times better.

Oh, and STOP looking at Marshall stacks if they have MG in the name because they suck.
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man you have know idea what kinda guitar youre talking about. if fret buzz and pup buzz were countries, this guitar would have them in slavery. it is HORRIBLE and besides that im not just gonna go out an buy one im goin to guitar center to check some amps and guitars. so all im going by is looks and name brands. but ill check into some other stuff
The sound you describe sounds like you may prefer active EMG pickups. I would look into upgrading your amp. No matter what guitar you get its going to sound bad on that MG (no offense intended.)
I concur ,,, amps (after your playing ability) are the most important aspect of your sound, and the MG from 10 watt to 250 watt is the biggest pile of crap you could find,
And what do you want a stack for? just chekcing cause if your only going to be in your bedroom a stack might blow the glass outa your windows lol :p

that and If you get a decent valve combo you could easily manage a gig without a stack
true true... its just kind of the thrill and intimidation of having a stack. ill try out a valve i just want a nice BIG sound y'know? something thick. and ill definitely try out the EMG not so fond of actives though (what with the batteries and such) are all emgs like that?
mesa is a brand i was planning on trying out since they're the amps that Tool uses for the most part. I would however like to get back on the subject of guitars. Mine sucks i need a new one.
I'd definately try to go for a PRS or maybe even a Fender strat, as long as its not a fat strat.
Tell me why you need a new one. Is it because your current guitar feels like crapola and it makes you want to manually remove your kidney? Or is it because you think it sounds like doodoo?

(Price range is also important.)

If it feels like a sweaty turd, then let the guitar suggestions commence. If, however, it is the latter reason, then an amp is what you seek, my friend.
its because almost every fret on every string buzzes ESPECIALLY high e on 13-15 and even on high e's 2 its ridiculous and you cant get a solid chord out of it. my pickups jingle and buzz. have you seen the $25,000 remake of van halens frankenstrat? mine is like that except mine cost about $80 not $25,000
oh as far as me willing to pay, i would pay probably around 600-800 as long as it delivers and i can get my money out of it.