good morning... well.. it will be in 11 minuts but anyways....

I have a Yamaha ERG-121 which is 2 n a half years old.. and the guitar ive used to learn and play for two and a half years.

One pick-up screw part has come off.. and has been for a while but im wanting to modify the pickups in the guitar. I have no clue what they are.. and minimal knowledge of changing or any knowledge of what pickups are good for what.

I have a 150 watt Marsahll amp.. and im wanting to change the pick ups in my guitar..

so basically.. i wanna chnage my pick ups to something that will sound good. They sound alright now.. but something lack quality when i play.

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oh oakay that would be a really good guitar to up grade it has a HSH configuration
the 2 humbuckers and a single coil

i have a shecter c-1 classic and the humbuckers on that are
seymore duncan SH-2N Jazz pickup at neck and Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB at the bridege
damn these thinks in combonation are good for rythum and struming and sht
and the SH-4 is good for rocking punk, metal, rock you name it out and the Jazz is gives of a
a really good warm tone and the thing is that there both really affordable 80 bucks a piece as for you single coil in the middle there i wouldnt be sure
but also there would be a good comb beetween the jazz and a dimarzio evolution for the bridge if you have any ? just post another reply

plus what marshall amp do you have