I really don't care what genre it is but i'm bored of playing the same old easy songs and need something that will challenge me but won't be like OMFG OMFG THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. I've been playing bass for 5 months now.
well for whom the bell tolls by metallica is moderately easy and holy diver by dio is the same way. they're difficult, but not insane
Start makin stuff up. It's what I do. Got any guitar playin friends? write stuff with them that's just a bit harder than you think you can do, and master it, tweak it, and boom; you're better. Keep doin this and you'll gradually not only increase your experience but you'll make the music you like to make instinctively, and your fingers will get quicker and cleaner.
Play bloodclot by rancid, it's got a pretty easy solo at the end and a pretty good tab of it is up already. The solo isn't 100% correct on that tab, but I can send you the correct tab.
Hump De Bump - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Moderate level I suppose)

Want choices? YouTube. Just by searching 'Bass covers' or something along those lines you get a lot of awesome bass songs.
Once you go FLAC, you never go back.
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