Hello, currently I'm in the process of building a practice copy, crap wood, prototype guitar. After I get done with that I'm goign to be moving onto the real thing. I have a few questions about the wiring stil, but other then that i have evrythign all laid out.

Except I'd like to have some awesome switches, and was wondering what other ones I could include that rocked.

heres the stats on the one I'm making-

7 String
25.5 inch scale, 24 fret
Small Mohogany body
Maple neck
12 degree neck angle
Locking tuners
Ebony fretboard
Shielded Serated cord wire

HSH configuration, All pickups from curderoyew


Knobs - individual Volume knobs (3)
Master Tone push-pull for two diffrent capacitors(1) (would an individual one for each volume be a lot better, or does it not really matter?)
Phaser (Should i put a phase switch on both humbuckers?(1-2switches))
Coil Splits (2 switches, would push/pull be good for this?)
Killswitch (1 momentary)
2 output jacks with on/off switches (2switches)

Am I missing anything that would be really, cool/useful? would pot switches be cool (maybe I could find some 4 way rotary knob type things to give a good range, or does the pot size not matter *that* much?)

I'm just looking for a couple more to add, or anything that would really give my guitar that extra special tone range.

EDIT: would True Bypass be cool? Albiet, the two outputs are kind of for that, even though its with the pedal effects, not the guitar itself
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I think you will find there are only so many switches, pots, etc that will fit in one guitar. The pots do matter in value 250k warmer(bleed more treble), 500k standard, 1meg almost full blast. The caps thing isnt so hard with push pull switches and works pretty good. And yea they do make rotary switches PRS guitars use em. Stewart mac has what they call a mega switch you can look into them. I had a guitar once with phase split etc and rarely if ever used em. The controls can get pretty crowded. I think you will find it tough to put 3 volume knobs and tone controls in. There are concentric pots with 2 in 1. Has an inner and outer knob so will 2 different things but then you would lose the push pull. So I think you are gong to have to do some comprimising. Coil splits and phasing is gonna involve 2 switches per pickup. As it is it would need 3 volumes 3 tones, and about 7 switches.