I looked (not that good, though) for something like this. I searched Google and couldn't find any information on this subject, so I thought I'd just make a new thread. If there is something like this already, then just lead me to it, please.

Anyway... Yeah, I was wondering if anybody here has played in bad weather (preferably rain) and how they went about doing it. Like... different precautions, if they just put up a tarp or what. And lastly, was it worth it?

no. i don't think it would be worth it.
1) possible electrocution
2)chance you might seriously mess up your amps and stuff.
I did one time. Wasn't any lightning or anything, just a light rain. Just make sure your amps and pedals are well covered or away from the water.
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If you play under a tarp, that won't fall over, you should be good. Look at MCR playing at Projek Revolution when there was a viscious storm in which a bunch of people got injured. They didn't stop... until people got hurt...
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Well no, but just remember to keep your stuff covered in something waterproof and you should be fine.
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yeah the guitar can take a little *note little moisture!!!!

The parts wont explode or anything but water can seriously damage everything from the frets to the neck to the body due to warping. You can avoid this by drying off the guitar with a rag/towel and not letting the moisture just stick. try to keep moisture away from the input plugs. It won't electrocute you unless you touch it, but it could damage the pot.

Half full made the most important part by saying that the amps and pedals to a lesser extent must stay dry. Wet amps can catch fire/ damage.

Also fridge raiders post. In the slipknot video, the guitars/amps are not actually on, and im pretty sure those guitars/amps were lost forever. Another example is stars by switchfoot, they played underwater
I figured as much. I was just wondering cause my band is supposed to play a small outdoor gig today and it might rain (or rather, sprinkle). I don't think it will, though, now that I look at it.

And no, fridge raider I'm not that stupid. Like I said, I just wanted to be able to sleep without worrying.
I was trying to find a picture of the scene from Hedwig and the Angry Inch where they're outside on an overcast day and the bands' instruments are wrapped in plastic.

It would have been perfect for this thread.
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I know you can't be this stupid, but I can see you in my mind harbouring fantasies of acting out the Left Behind video by Slipknot.

*Headbangs in heavy rain*

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