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Well...(I'm not starting threads using "mmkay..." anymore)
In my tech teacher said he wanted to hear me play the guitar tomorrows class...and it would be like an "Unplugged" thing going on....

Anyways...what songs should I play?

Remember this is going to be played on the acoustic guitar!
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd.

#1 acoustic song I've ever heard.
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PlayMadness - Jesus 2.0

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If you still have time to learn it then "Pendulous Skin" by Mastodon. Every time I play it people think I'm playing some big Classical Acoustic/jazz/Blues thing.

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songs that people would prolly know.... hey there delihila, wak me up when september ends, good riddence..... stuff like that
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songs that people would prolly know.... hey there delihila, wak me up when september ends, good riddence..... stuff like that

this post was 2/3 epic, epic phail.
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Signe by Eric Clapton.

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However, if we're being all grown up about this (in the pit?) walkingonspikes is dead on
Yeah, I'd stick to mainstream stuff. I was playing my guitar in my dorm lounge, and people asked me to play pop songs I didn't bother to/want to learn.
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I dunno, I think something like Speed Kills or Juice would be awesome. Play those on an acoustic and some people will be impressed.
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play polly by nivana
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some nirvana. I dono, some of Avril Lavigne's early stuff was pretty cool on acoustic.

oh my dear god.
Stories by Trapt
These Walls by Trapt
Black Balloon, or Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
Karma Police by Radio Head

Oh, and of course Pinball Wizard by The Who.
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where did u sleep last night =]

It's called Black Girl, or In the Pines, you chump.
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Anything basic you can strum and sing to would work. That or some kinda solo/classical type stuff like Classical Gas (Mason Williams),Dee (Randy Rhoades),Good Bye Blue Sky (Floyd) or Classico (Tenacious D). IMO you should either play somthing you can sing along to or somthing that doesnt have lyrics
acoustic version of everchanging by rise against.

or ben harper

or even more, jack johnson
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Yes, Karma Police by Radiohead.

Try some Neutral Milk Hotel, they're always well received. Easy (very very easy) guitar yet really nice lyrics. Holland 1945, Two-Headed Boy, and She Did a lot of Acid should be easy enough.
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Any paganini caprice for mad acoustic shredorz skill, or hotel california since everyone knows it.
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Actually, as long as we're mentioning pearl jam, last kiss would have all the girls in the room swarming at you if you can sing along to it. hehe

-Edit- I think you'll be best off just playing what you already play. Just pick your favorite/best song and lay into it.
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It's called Black Girl, or In the Pines, you chump.

Not Nirvana's version, chump.
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The Needle and the Damage Done, Neil Young

Simple but impressive to the uninitiated
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Swing Life Away- Rise Against
Wonderwall- Oasis

Plus major points for whoever said Layla.
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Everlong orRazor by the Foo Fighters? Road Trippin by RHCP. And if you've heard it, the acoustic version of Cherub Rok bySmashing Pumpkins of the Earphoria CD, this version is amazing.
I say Yellow Ledbetter by PJ. My favourite song of theirs.

Oh and over the hills and far away would be nice, check this vid

Oh and.. Under the bridge sounds lovely on an acoustic, too.
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IMO you should either play somthing you can sing along to or somthing that doesnt have lyrics there something in between?? ball up
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town - Pearl Jam
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