basically i won a couple pickups on ebay but not a body so currently i have three new humbuckers coming in the mail and nothin to put them in when i get them. a also dont have a neck so im gonna need one of those.

what i want for really cheap.
-body(preferably one that would fit 2 humbuckers, 2 knobs, and a 5 way switch. nothing that requires a pickgaurd has to fit a floyd rose or a kahler)
-neck(i like the charvel ones and the esp one that look the same or jackson ones, fit for a locking thing at the top
-the electronics for the body described above
-a floyd rose whammy bar or a kahler
-i dont need this but it would be nice to have an effects pedal type thing that has like 4 stomp boxes on it and one pedal.. with multiple effects

thats pretty much it basically i want the stuff really cheap so dont offer your finest prs body or anything.
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