I've been playing guitar for around 1 1/2 yrs. now. I have a 50's reissue strat, a randall rx120dhs, and a boss mt-2 metalzone....... i have a pretty metal amp and pedal but its time i upgraded to a more metal guitar.. so for christmas im getting an esp m-400... its comes stock with 2 emg 81's... i was wondering if someone could breakdown all the "major" active pickups for me and help me decide which pickups i should switch too... i love thrash and death metal (death, metallica, slayer, megadeth, dethklok, morbid angel, testament, exodus, heathen, celtic frost, etc.)...will someone explain how each major pickups tone is? ive thought about emg 81 bridge and emg 60 neck OR emg 81 bridge and emg 85 neck.... i thought emg was the only big brand, then i looked at dimarzio (cuz chuck schuldiner uses X2N) and now im super confused .... all help greatly appreciated
i have 81/85, and love em to death, it's all personal opinion tho, i'd like to try a 60 in the neck, but havn't seena guitar in a shop with a 60 yet
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the EMG 81(B) 85(N) is a popular combo and used on a lot of ESP guitars. HZ is another for Bridge but its passive and not as popular (Alexi Laiho uses on his Custom ESP I believe)

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