i am basically looking to use my computer as an amp. my crappy peavy amp is on the brink of going out and i just got guitar rig 2. i did a little searching and found everything i was looking for except which of these would work better (no latency, quality sound).

the 2496 is a nice card but youll need to run it with XP and youll need a mixer or something to preamp the mics.

the interface is ....ok but has preamps on board and it may work better with guitar rig 2

I say try the M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro and run it with a 2.0 usb port..not the older 1.1
The PCI card will have considerably less latency but it does not have XLR inputs or preamps which are rather essential for a recording setup.
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well this will be JUST for guitar to computer. no other mics, amps, or cabs. simple using my computer to REPLACE my small amp and pedal setup.
for just thats, whats gonna be the best?
well the fast track will be an all in one unit so you wont need the mixer but you will have a larger delay so when you hit the string on your guitar it will take a little while to sound on the computer.
It gets annoying and so i figure the less latency PCI card is best for this situation.

plug your guitar...and any pedals you have...into the jack under the XLR plug on channel 1 and run the "Tape Out" to the inputs of the recording card.
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