Or what makes a song generally liked. Catchy lyrics, catchy melody, catchy rhythm? Riffage? Explain...
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Different things appeal to different people. BA-DA-BING BA-DA-BOOM.
My favorite song is "Bold as Love" by Jimi Hendrix. I love the beautiful lyrics, the overall mellow feeling of the song, and that lick he plays before the solo (and really the entire solo itself) is freaking sweet!! The outro just makes you want to fly...
me personally or people in general,
me i like songs with intelligent or poetic lyrics (not just thrown together) accompanied by by epic "riffage"
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I like generic songs with bland lyrics and uninspired vocals.
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Different things appeal to different people. BA-DA-BING BA-DA-BOOM.
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My favorite song is "Hey" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. What I like is that the lyrics are realistic and clear, the bass and guitar go together very well, and everything just seems as good as it could possibly be.
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The most important thing to me is dynamics. Complexity (rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic) is also important, but not mandatory; there are some really incredible, simple songs. Interaction between the instruments can be awesome if done right, but terrible if done wrong. As far as lyrics/vocals go, they're not vital. Great vocalists are few and far between. Rhythm and tone are probably the most important things to me as far as singers are concerned. Range is good but not required.
My favourite at the moment (just happens to be the song I'm listening to right now) is The Glass Prison - Dream Theater. I like the lyrics, melodies, rhythms and the development of ideas.
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