ok, so i am used to soldering on pre-etched boards but i want to know how to solder stuff together on a regular perf baord. like ones with just hoels and nothing else. how would you use this board after you soldered the parts to the board? or in other words, how do you solder the parts together after you soldered them individually into the board, so its kind of like preetched boards.

next question, how do you ground componets?

perf boards connections are made with the leads from the components. You want to solder everything to the board, then bend the leads accordingly. its a pain in the ass. Vero(strip)board is much easier. Check out the tutorial here: (its in 4 parts, each has a thread)
to ground on perf, you make the appropriate ground connections. you would connect them all together, and then send the appropraite amount of wires out. on perf you will notice (in layouts) that the 9v, in, out, pot connections, and ground are labeled. use these to hookup your stompbox:
i hope that helped, post in the link in my sig, pm me or post here with any other questions. stompbox building is great!! but perf is a little tricky. you'll get the hang of it after you do a few