Hey guys I'm looking to get a new amp. I usually play bluesy stuff, Zeppelin, Hendrix, the like. But I go into metal sometimes, like Maiden, Sabbath and some Coheed and Cambria here and there. I have an MIM Fat Strat and I was looking to get a Fender tube, but the changes from mainly blues to harder stuff concerns me as I wouldn't be able to get a good metal sound out of a Hot Rod Deluxe. Also, I would like this amp to be loud enough for practicing with a band and gigging at small venues. Is there an amp that can do both metal and bluesy stuff decently? Or would I need to get one or the other for the style of music? I can drop maybe $1000 USD on an amp if I save up, I will buy used and I could go over 1000, it would just take more time to get the money.

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Check into the Traynor 50 Custom Blue. 50W, Tube, good for blues/classic rock, a little less on the metal but you could get a petal. $750.
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I could do blues and classic rock on a used 5150/6505 and so could you (and have a metal-capable amp.)
+1 for the Traynor and the Mark IV

-1 for the 5150/6505

I think the Traynor with a smidge of overdrive will get you where you want, but if you're willing to spend a bit more the Mark IV is fantastic in many ways. I'm not a big fan of the 5150, it seems to me that when it was designed the high gain came first and everything else was an afterthought.
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I could do blues and classic rock on a used 5150/6505 and so could you (and have a metal-capable amp.)

You can, but it takes a hell of a lot of tweaking to get there, plus there are better options. On Drew from Karnivool's 5150, i could find some good versatile tones, but it is a hard rock amp predominantly.

I would suggest trying the Mark IV, which may be a bit heavy, or having a look at a Soldano SLO100, maybe even a Marshall TSL. The crunch does get into the bluesy territory.
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