I've been wanting to sing a lot lately, since I can't really find good singers in my area, but I've only started singing in the past couple of months or so, with no prior practice whatsoever (being very quiet doesn't help either).

So I recorded Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head about 2 minutes ago for criticism and such:


Also, when I was sick sometime in the summer I recorded Stockholm Syndrome by Muse(all instruments on cover done myself)

Stockholm Syndrome - http://media.putfile.com/Stockholm-Syndrome-cover

Any feedback is appreciated, I really want to play some acoustic sets sometime but I don't know how my voice sounds to an audience.
I dont know if you were trying to sing like the guy from muse but it didnt really go. Maybe cause i heard the song the way he sings it.

You just sound a little flat sometimes. Just have fun dude, **** it!
It's alright. Not horrible, but listenable.

And sometimes you whisper.
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its ok. gotta form your own style of singing. you sound a little monotonous in Stockholm. but its ok. keep it going. the instruments are great.
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both are good, i loved raindrops lmaoo youre voice made it so randomly awesome

and dont fret, my friends said my singing voice always sounds like nirvana's spank thru demo (i take it as a compliment, but its apperently a bad thing lol)
Well, can't really say you're living yourself into Stockhome Syndrome, which is one octave higher than you are singing, by the way. Kinda monotone, as some of the other guys already pointed out, and you're not really hitting many tones correctly. Raindrops was alright, I guess. On both songs it sounds like you're about to fall asleep or really really drugged down, work on that first, and sing one octave higher.