In our religious teachings were told,
That we're created in the image of God,
Modeled to mirror The Lord.

If we turn a blind eye to mercy,
Then can the angered savior do the same to us?
An eye for an eye type deal.

Because im starting to think,
that with all the sining thats been hapenning,
Heaven doesn't seem so intriguing.

Kind rushed, just sorta thought of it and writ it all at once. Not really lookin for a crit cause i dont think im gonna go any further with this, but if you feel the need go for it . i just thought id share with you. any comments would be nice too.
Also if you want a big +1 then you can crit any of the ones in my sig.
thanks and happy writtin
I really enjoy reading you r peices, they're really deep and get you thinking.
Theres not much here to crit, i like it how it is really.
Maybe the last line in the first stanza could be fixed up a little, seems a bit awkward.
Other then that another great peice.
Will go to your profile thing and check out some of your other stuff.