Which is better for that, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page sound? I know the classic tube screamer has the rep and the name but the boss blues driver seems so good. Any infos good. Cheers
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tubescreamer wins hands down.

oh and versus threads are against the rules
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For Page I would consider a good booster or Fuzz maybe...not much experiance with the BD-2 or the TS, so I can't help in that category.
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The tubescreamer can replicate the sounds your looking for a lot better, I recommend the turbo TS9DX it's a lot more versatile

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oh and versus threads are against the rules

That's a stupid rule anyways VS threads are the best type of threads for providing information --People already know what they want they just need a little push, besides I see nothing in the Cas's rules about it.
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ts9 ftw thats what i have and it kicks as*...on a sidenote on the keeley website they advertise their bluesdriver as being the best overdrive pedal ever created

edit:its actually " the finest tone we offer in a modded pedal"
maxon its better and cheaper than the ibanez
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