Hello there im looking for a new amp ill probly be getting it for x-mas ill have a budget of $250 - $300 ive been playing for about 6 months now mostly metal i play a lot of soad`s older stuff and newer stuff so im looking for that sound.im not looking for something big but nothing to small.the only amp ive ever had is my dads peavey RAGE 158 from like the 80s lol so anything`s an improvement.please and thanks!any questions just ask.
That Peavey Rage is a good amp. It may not be suitable for your kind of metal so I understand why you would say that. I would advise looking into a Roland Cube. Normally I prefer tube amps but at your stage and genre a Cube would be best. Just my opinion but I would prefer the Rage for what I play (blues/classic rock.) Shop around a little, maybe toward Christmas someone will have a sale. If Dad is going to order it the best time for price will probably be in the first two weeks of November, especially if he is ordering it by internet or mail.