This topic has probably been posted before, but i really need help in specifics. I'm using an ibanez gsr active 200, and the strings are light nickel wound d'addario's. i've had the bass for about 7 months and strings for about 4 months, they both seem pretty good still and i cant really see any type of bow forming on the neck(i've checked using a ruler, and it's so slight it shouldnt be a problem). I've fooled around with the action going from really high to really low to in between, and all the strings have slight rattle, but that isnt the problem, its the big E string that I really want to fix because its causing a terrible ratting sound when playing on really low or really high frets (i can't remember how long it's been like this, but i've only actually cared about it recently). I've tried restringing the string, and it still rattles after. i've tried fooling with raising the bridge, but i don't know how much i should raise it because it still rattles. thanks
make sure when you string the strings, the coil of wire on the tuning post is on top, and the part of the string leading to the nut is on the bottom. This holds it in the nut better and reduces buzzing.
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