Ok, i'm thinking about taking my stock pickups out of my BC Rich Warlock and getting new ones. I play alot of metal and the main shortcoming of my current pickups is the fact that i can't get decent pinch harmonics out of them. I know it's not me because I can get a little better harmonics on my other guitar, but the pickups on it suck too. The two i've been looking at are the Seymour Duncan Dimebucker for the bridge position and something else for the neck, or just the ZW 81-85 set from EMG. They are both fairly expensive, the dimebucker is about 100 dollars and the ZW 45 set is almost 200, so i'm fairly sure they are good quality. are these good pickups or are they overpriced junk?
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They're good. But, they're overpriced. The Zakk Wylde set is no different than the standard 81/85 set.

And, I'd look at SD Hot Rails if you want passives. Actually, make that Hot Rails, Invaders, and Duncan Distortions.
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if its out of those two pick-ups then take the 81/85 over the dimebucker. I tried a dime bucker yesterday actually and compared it to some other pickups (In other guitars) and i hated the dimebucker, thats just my opinion though. Find some guitars with the pick-ups you want and try them out of yourself, you may like the lifeless dimebucker :P .
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81/85 imo.... the ZW set includes long shaft pots..... which are needed for les pauls I belive. and the normal set includes short shaft pots. Which work for most others.