that was tight. really chill. I won't remember, but i'd buy that EP when it comes out.
You guys sound great. I would definatly buy this. Keep going, great work.
Dreaming To Wake Up:
Great vocals, very beautiful song, nice chords, reminded me a bit of Killswitch Engage. Overall really good and very beautiful.

Eyes Wide Shut:
Really good drum play/beat. Beginning sounded like Radiohead, then went into something à la Deftones. Nice solo. Vocals were alright here, but it felt like it needed some highlights, the tone of the vocals got kind of repeative, it stayed at the same octave the whole time. This song was great too, not as good as the first, but good.
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Wow.. Eyes Wide Shut was great! Especially the guitar solos! Reminded me of Tool a bit for some reason. I agree with Deflection though - the vocals could have been a bit more diverse, but they are still effective as they are.
Dreaming to Wake Up was pretty sweet too, I liked the music, especially the last minute, and the chord at 3:59 was superb. I prefer the other song, but there's nothing wrong with this one that I can think of.
All in all, both the songs were great, and they both kept me interested for their durations. So good work

Thanks guys, greatly appreciated. We're trying to finish up recording the EP (aaalmost done) and designing the booklet. It will be up on itunes once it's done. There will probably be 4 tracks.

EDIT: also, thanks for the suggestions about the vocals. Technically, I do go into a higher octave, but it's falsetto. I know what you're saying though, that it needs to get more aggressive. Unfortunately that type of singing is something I need to work on, which is part of why it's not in that song. I've got a relatively weak voice as you can hear.
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I don't think the pitch range was a problem in the song, when you say it could get a bit more aggressive is probably more along the lines of what i meant. I think the part that could be expressed differently is from 4:43 to 5:05. That seems to be the climax of the song to me, so a stronger vocal approach could make it much more effective.
That aside, I'd say your voice is one of the best i've come across in bands I've found on UG

Ok, we finally got a myspace, and there are two new songs up there.


Please let me know what you think, and if you happen to like any of the music at all, please add us as a friend! I just got the myspace up and running today, so we currently have only 2 friends (including Tom, haha)
I just got a chance to check it out, im very impressed. Keep up the awesome work!