ok, so i made a topic here a while back on my band's genre dispute. basically, i'm mainly into metal (thrash, power, death, black, etc) and classic rock kind of stuff, while my band had 3 guys who are mainly into metalcore/screamo stuff. now for a while, we compromised and met in the middle of our tastes and played thrash/melodeath/metalcore.

Well, we soon found a vocalist who is also into metalcore/screamo. The band's genre quickly changed to metalcore-only, and the other members eventually started ignoring what i wanted to do because it was "no longer our style" and they want to play only that one style of music. i cannot convince them to compromise.

Now, i've been going along with this for a few weeks now, just listening to what they tell me to do and doing my parts. i think metalcore is ok, but i'd much rather be playing something else.

should i:
1) Quit and form/join a different band that is more my style
2) Suck it up and keep playing metalcore
3) Stay in the band and form another band on the side that is more my style
4) Something else
form a new band for sure, cuz metalcore is eh and you seem to think so too.

i dunno if it's worth staying in this band, cuz you won't get much musically out of metalcore that you can't get out of real, straight-up metal
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well just wondering but whats ur roll in the band?

and another thing, if u dont like ur bands music and theres nothin u can do to change that then u should leave right now, no sense in being in a band that makes music u dont like, thats the whole reason for being in a band: to play music that u enjoy.
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I was in this same situation and followed Option 2, biggest mistake i ever made when it comes to music. I felt miserable the whole time. If i was in the same situation again..... i would quit. I say Option 1.
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/\ that was a bit harsh. hes just looking for advice from people who have experienced this situation.

anyway imo you should quite unless you really have fun playing with these people you just dont like the music.
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They obviously dont care about your opinion which should be enough reason to leave.
ummm why dont u just play metalcore and just bring your own influences so it doesnt sound unoriginal. like some metalcore song with a random power metal bit in it would sound cool lol.
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ummm why dont u just play metalcore and just bring your own influences so it doesnt sound unoriginal. like some metalcore song with a random power metal bit in it would sound cool lol.

yeah i try to do that but when i do they act really close-minded and say something like "WTF this isn't power metal! we're metalcore! play something that sounds like bullet for my valentine or something!"

so most people are saying i should quit. now the hardest part about that is that these guys are pretty good friends of mine. and they've set up a few gigs that will take place in a few weeks. any tips on how to quit w/o making them hate me?
dude dont quit...just play with em and look for another band then quit if u want...but id prefer to be playing then not.
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Use leaving them as a threat. But it depends on your role in the band.

haha yeah i did that today
and they started listening

thanks for your advice everyone