can anyone tell me some beginner solos cause I'm tired of doing riffs all the time and I feel that I need to expand

rock or metal songs only please, I can't stand to play anything else
Maybe Nightwish's Ghost Love Score? You'll probably have smoother transitions than the actual recording by the time you've gotten good. Californication by the RHCP is also a popular choice.
I like rock- Paul Gilbert

Eventhough Gilbert's solos tend to be quite difficult, he kept it simple on this song (because he had to overdub it with over a hundred different guitars).

Nothing Else Matters- Metallica

Not a very long or hard solo, but Hetfield really made it count. If you play this with conviction it doesn't matter it's not the hardest thing in the world.
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the first solo i played was smells like teen spirit solo haha
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you could play some incubus.

anything would be a good choice.
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living loving maid by zeppelin isnt too hard
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