So my friend told me that she has a weight limit *30kg limit*, the Laney GH50L weighs around 20++ or so kgs which concerns me that she might not be able to bring more souvenieres for her other friends so I was looking for another alternatives but the Laney GH50L will mostly likey, take note "Most Likely" still be able to be brought here.

So I have come down to some few choices here that fit my style, which are mostly 80's Metal. From Thrash to Shred and maybe even Pop if I can.

These two Sovteks have caught my eye.

Sovtek Mig 60

Sovtek Mig 50H *Tube Midget*

Basically, I did my research and I do know that I will find little to no parts if I take one of the Sovteks and it breaks but the upside is, it's mostly a Hot Rodded Plexi-JCM 800 clone but my question is that, is this true? I mean the Sovtek Mig 60 and Mig 50H are gainy?

Also, the Mig 50Hs overdrive had been described as "Smooth" sounding while the Mig 60s is described as "Raw *and Harsh* sounding.*

The sound I'm wanting to get is a mix between Metallica *KEA, RTL, MOP and AJFA*, Racer X/Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads... you know where I am getting here right?

Well, I'll check back later to see. : thanks for the responses once again UG.
Sorry for the bumpadoo but I kinda need some opinions because my friend is returning here to the Philippines this December which was originally Feb.

Again, I apologize for the bump but I kinda need opinions.
I have a mig 50h. Built like a tank! point to point wired. Low input is a bassman circuit. sounds like a bassman, with a master volume. (also had a 69 bassman, so yes. it does sound just like a bassman.)
has 6L6 power tubes.
Now I never compared the schematics to a JCM800, but the high input is supposed to be based on it. Since it is a 6L6, it can't sound like a marshall. not possible.
It sounds more like a mesa, or hot rodded fender.
It is a single channel amp, so keep that in mind as well.
The distortion is really very good. (smooth, yes) not at all harsh, DEPENDING ON THE TUBES IN IT. very important.

Believe it or not, I prefer the sound of the amp with Sovtek tubes in it. I think they voiced it to sound best with the Sovtek tubes. Strange, but to my ears, true. I also prefer 6L6's to 5881's. Depending on what your looking for. I like the clarity of the 6L6, but the 5881 will break up sooner.

It is a loud ass amp.

I was going to ebay mine, but after changing tubes; It's staying put.

The mig 60 has EL34 power tubes, and is reported to be the best of the mig amps made. Never heard one, so I don't know for sure.

There was a mig 60 on ebay last week for $450. Not bad, considering.