K guys,the 60th anniversary standard strat and the MIM fat strat HSS Can anyone tell me your opinion on which one is better in terms of sound an quality?

K,strangely,the fat strat HSS is more expensive compared to the 60th You see,i always had the impression that the anniversary guitars are the best types..i just hope there will still be stock in next years sale...Both are made in mexico but the 60th has a SSS while the Fat strat has a HSS...I don't really want to know which is worth the cash since thier prices are only different by 200SGD,i only want to know which one is better in terms of quality and tonality...

There will be this sale in Singapore which has up to 50% off and i have a price guage of about 1k-1.5k SGD *500-750 US* and if you people think that there are better choices compared to those 2^,then please feel free to introduce those choices of yours which is between the price range. Thanks ~

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probably HSS then
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but after i get the HSS,think it'll be a good idea to swap the pickups? many people do so...