Heres the deal, always had a bass, am quite good at it, switched to guitar, but i find myself kinda bored of it
but i just wanna slog it out untill i can do some cool things with it/join a band

Any help, what did you play when you started out? if its any help im mostly into death metal, but ill play anything as long as its not brit-pop

al;so how long should i practise per day?
I played the Smoke On the Water riff, and then any songs that I liked and thought were within my limited ability.

I don't listen to death metal so I can't help there, but lots of metal has downtuned guitars.

For maximum development, you should practice for as long as you can each day. You will obviously have to find a balance between your other commitments that works for you. However you must realise that you need to know HOW to practice. The quality of your practice is what counts.
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