religion is bad for humanity and worse for dumb people!

"One of the most blatant, anti-Christ performers to come out in recent years is Marilyn Manson. Rock star, Marilyn Manson, proudly boasts:

"Hopefully, I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity." (Spin, August 1996, p. 34)"

-one of the countless blatant, bible-humping bastards

sorry, my anger is rendering my thoughts incoherent
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Jesus Christ since when is the Pit a ****ing courtroom...

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that site is a joke right?

I doubt it. I hear it all the time. That kind of person doesn't understand metaphor, sarcasm or just about any other song writing technique. Only literal minded interpretations there.
The Clouding has clouded the human minds. Religion has divided us all. We cannot unite. We will be exterminated.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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i could get hours of laughs of out this without the links.
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