Is anyone interested in creating a serious rock/metal band. I play guitar, and am looking for people who is interested. I am 21 years of age. My music interests is very wide, but I am looking for just a rock and metal approach. Nothing has to be technical or solo crazy ... just music that sounds good.

If you would be interested, please let me know. I play guitar and am looking for a 2nd guitarist, bass, drums, and vocals. Unfortunately, I do not have any practice space. So... hopefully we can get something going, and make it a good band.

Here are some samples of my music (some just rough ideas).


And my myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tojime
hey bro, id do it, but im in wisconsin, and waiting for the response of another band im hopin to join
My guitars:

Ibanez RG5EX1
Eleca Dread Acoustic
Dean ML

My FX: Line 6 Floor POD Plus

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This is interesting.

I live fairly close to Evansville--close to Corydon. I play guitar, bass, saxophone, and flute.
Metal and rock are cool; I'm more into progressive stuff, but I'll play anything really, just to get some sort of band going, you know. I actually have an excellent practice space in my basement--room enough for at least a five-piece band. Perhaps I can come paired with a drummer, too, and POSSIBLY a vocalist.

I'm actually very creative on the guitar and in general, which means I don't really want to play music plagued with power-chords and such.

Although, if you're interested, I hope age isn't a problem, as I'm 17.

It would be pretty freaking sweet if I could join a good, creative, productive band.

Hope to hear from you soon, yeah?
I recently moved from evansville, but i still live relatively close. I play guitar and am mostly interested in metal but wouldn't mind jamming and possibly getting something together. Around here there doesn't seem to be a huge problem finding guitarists though, its those damn bass players and drummers you are probably looking for. Let me know if you are interested at any point.