is there any scematics which i can find to build an amp? (preferably tube i dislike ss amps) and this will be my first time building so help would be appreciated thanks!
there are some books out there for it... first id recommend reading a book or two to really understand how it all works. theres this book:
tube amp handbook

which is pretty decent at explaining things. good luck, its gonna be quite a project...
If you're serious about this, get that (^) book. Read it cover-to-cover a few times, then report back.
i might warn you that it is a pretty slow read at times, lol... but really informative.. definitely check it out.
check this out if you are looking for a bedroom amp: http://www1.freewebs.com/niteglow/
Its a smal 0.5W/1W single tube amp thats estimated to cost you about 112€ and it sounds realy good on the demo on the site(and its easy to build = smal amount of parts) and as allways with tubes TAKE IT EASY AND BE SAFE thers enough current/voltages to kill you involved
There is MUCH more to a successful amp build than following a schematic. Layout and lead dress are important. They're crucial in a high gain build. Books will be helpful. So will a visit to the Amp Garage.


All they do is discuss amp building.
Some of them were involved in the build of the tribute amp to the late Ken Fischer.

It's a small forum, but the knowledge there is incredible.

Good luck,
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