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I PoD Fool
21 38%
Zen screw the apple
34 62%
Voters: 55.
Ok i have a 30 gig ipod that i use,but my brother use it too also.
Now he wants it to when he goes to work in the morning because he goes to the gym right after work and u got have music to work out.Which i dont have a problem with it.
But i work out in the morning and go to school later in the day,so i need to buy another mp3 player.
I like the 30 gig ipod so i was just going to get another one but now i see the Creative Zen 4 GB player,with the SD slot for expanded memory.

And it looks to me like it would be allot better then the ipod,the 4GB is enought for me,and if it wasnt i can always get a large SD card to have more memory.

So what should i get wise people of UG??
I am a proud owner of a Zen Vision:M, and I recommend getting one too if you decide on a 30 gigger. Let me tell you, I dropped this sucker really hard a couple of times (not on purpose of course) and it refuses to die. It's a trooper. But one thing about the Vision:M though, is that if you get it, you should also order a "skin" to cover the front. Otherwise, scratches will ensue when in your pocket.

Either way, I would say Creative is the way to go.
If you have a PC, get a Zen.

iTunes and file conversion are a pain in the arse.
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Tell your brother to get ****ed? Or get one of the new sony mp3 players, you wont be disapointed
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i-pod, really
they rock
i have no, and i got no problems with i-tunes what so ever

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iPods are great, but you really need to get different headphones. And iTunes is like the easiest music player to use ever! If you have trouble with that, then there's either something wrong with you or your computer.
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Apple are fascists.... but have better tech support than creative. Creative have the worst "help" department I've ever experienced and have the worst work ethic; I will expand.

If you want to use your (old) zen with vista you need to update the firmware, however when you do this it causes around 90% of zens to freeze mid installation and thus render the mp3 player useless as no computer will recognize that it's connected via usb. Sounds like a problem with creative no? They are refusing to address the problem and don't give any good advice on how to sort it, they just say "send it in for a repair for X amount of money" where X is the same price as a brand new zen and in their repair they won't even keep all your old music on the hard drive (it'll be wiped.)

So yeah, I wouldn't get either.

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If you want to use your (old) zen with vista


But yeh, I have a Vision:M as well and my opinion is Creative ftw, I've owned 3 Creative mp3 players and only the Micro sucked, but *touch wood* haven't had a problem with the Vision:M so far, it has only performed well. Plus I hate the whole iTunes conversion thing. I agree with a post above as well about getting a skin, wish I had.

Either way enjoy your new purchase.
Itunes is a piece of ****e, that's the one reason i wouldn't buy a IPod.
Go with a Microsoft Zune! i have one and here are the advantages over ipod that made me decide to buy one.

Sturdy construction. Metal body wraped in rubber. my friend dropped his in his pool jumped in after it (it was at the bottom) and it was still playing his music. (headhones fried hower but the zune stil works like new)

built in radio. i still love my local radio stations so haveing that on there was a major plus.

LARGE SCREEN!!! i watch videos on mine all the time and i would say it is the perfect size plus built in widescreen allows for a nice video experience. plus the colors and display looks very brilliant.

Customizeable backgrounds. it's easy view a pic on your zune and lcuck 'aply as background'

WiFi WiFi WiFi!!! wifi shareing with other zunes is fun and microsoft is promising with it's new firmware update in november you can sync wirelessly with your PC.

Zune software organizes files very nicely. no fuss and is very easy to use.

many more file types available for Zune includeing WMV format and all the formats Ipod has and more. when i synced my music from the 1st time only FOUR of my 4Gigs worth of songs would not go on there cuz of errors that's it.
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I would wait till the Zune 2's are released next month. Those are teh sex. Or you could buy a Zune Gen 1 and when the new Zunes are released, you get a firmware upgrade to bring you most of the new stuff. But if it must be one of those two, get the Zen.
I wouldn't buy anything from Creative again. They have the worst support department I have ever had experience with.

My vision: M slid to the bottom of my backpack a book cracked the LCD screen. I couldn't even get an estimate from Creative unless I paid them $25 to diagnose what was a pretty obvious problem. At this point, I'm just using my Zen like a 30GB external hard drive, and looking hard at buying an ipod again or maybe even the Zune.

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So far, the Zune gen2 > ipod classic in every way...

... except the iPod classic has a 160GB model (how the hell do you fill that up without a subscription service and without pirating)
Zens are pretty reliable, the last two I had were solid, and the battery life was good.
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zen > apple

apple is way overpriced


Zen. I have a 30g Vision:M and it's magical.
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I thought you said that YOU have an iPod that your brother uses?

Tell him to get his own damn MP3 player.
Funny words.