Hey guys just wondering im into alot of dimebag and that, i am looking for a new guitar do u think that the dean razorback explosion is a good one to get?? i have never played one is the tone good?
Just try out other guitars.

I recently played one...it really was NOT a very good guitar, at least not for that price tag. I've played guitars that cost half that and they played better. The LFR will give you troubles sooner than later, over all it just felt...cheap...

Looks killer, more awkward to play than I thought it would be.

Overall, I really wouldn't go for it unless you just want it for the looks and don't care about anything else.

Shop around though, much better guitars in that price range IMO.
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I played one today no doubt its a nice guitar but you could a guitar as good as it for a lot cheaper than its going for.

And one thing I noticed the things massive! Seriously
It is insanely big...

I'm a pretty big dude, and it was kind of wierd holding it...I guess though once you get used to it you could really thrash on stage with a Razorback.

I REALLY want a USA Razorback that new USA Skull 'Back V is sexy too.
All Hail! The Kala-Kala Chieftain!